Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision

Education is a vibrant force which generates all-pervading energy to create a society free of social, economic, cultural and religious differences. At R.K. Hindu Senior Secondary School, all the borders of mere academic curriculum are unleashed to provide all-round education to the students. The school’s motto “Learn to Rise” echoes the resounding fact that the students here evolve to become responsible and worthy citizens of our country.

As Peter Drucker put it “The first basic competence of a good leader is the willingness, ability and self-discipline to “LISTEN”. This rightly reflects in our efforts to develop children as good listeners and thereby as good leaders. The same is facilitated by sessions of peer interactions in the class, during out-door trips and also during the camps at school. Besides, students are groomed to shed their ego in order to prioritize the task ahead. Again quoting Peter Drucker, “In no circumstance, the person becomes bigger than the task.”

Thus, the basic aim at our school is to provide ample opportunities to nurture the inherent qualities of each child. The talent in each child is spotted through the various Activity Clubs ranging from yoga, aerobics, karate, debate, home science and chess. These clubs buzz with activity in full swing every Friday contributing to the development of the innate talent in the child. Thus each child is made to feel important in his/ her own perspective and is cared for with utmost care and warmth. At R.K. Hindu Sr. School, Gohana every child emerges out a winner raring to contribute to the Society at large.

Our School Motto


"Arise, awake and stop not till the goal is reached"

captures the essence of our founding father – Ram Kishan Saroha, dedication and commitment to comprehensive and complete education for all.

What he wanted was to make everyone reach new horizons till the goal is reached. He just felt that the knowledge torch should kindle the light of education, gradually disseminating its power and force. All this helped him to build a vast empire of imparting quality education. His words still enthuse us with positivity and therefore we won't stop till our goal is reached, to enlighten the future. This zeal has made Little Angels achieve the status of one of the best institutions of the city

Mr. Jagbir Saroha

R.K. Hindu School, Gohana